Ray Pantic


Sales and Operations Manager

I was born in Adelaide South Australia. Living on the Gold Coast since 2004.
47 years technical history as an Electronics Technician and last 10 years with Solar Technology. I operated my own telecommunications companies between 1994 – 2011 and all sold as successful working businesses.

Taken keen interest in Renewable Energy since that time, although my Mother (who is 90) has all her life and still makes efforts today, to tote out washing water to feed the plants , crocheting useful household items from plastic bags, washing dishes in a bowl, cooks without turning on the kitchen light, washes garbage and separates recyclables pragmatically. She has been a great environmental influence on me and I consider a super environmentalist before it was ever a thing. Good on you Mum.

I have worked as a general manager in solar and national sales manager in few companies. What I have noticed is there is little interest from business owners in actually helping customers with right solutions and customer service is very low. They are more focussed on profits and exit plans.

Mark Chandler and I were friends and colleagues in the solar industry for a number of years when the opportunity to purchase the business elements of Integrated Energy Storage, where I was the QLD manager, became available. Mark registered Solar and Battery Services Pty Ltd when Covid-19 began. We had like values and we were a good fit

The vision is long-term focussed on integrity, customer service, honesty and Marks favourite – Right Action, ‘doing the right thing’. As a customer, you are provided our personal contact details if you ever have issues or feedback.

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