Mark Chandler


I was born in the UK and immigrated to Australia in 1962 with my parents and 4 siblings. Since then I have lived in Victoria, Queensland and now NSW. I have worked in recycling & renewables for 31 years. Starting in Melbourne, my first role was collecting green waste for composting. I then joined a construction and demolition waste recycling business, the first of its kind in Australia. When the company expanded to QLD, I managed their site in Brisbane.  I then moved to the Middle East to pioneer the first full-scale high-volume recycling plant to supply road base materials and sand to that region.

After returning to Australia, I entered the world of solar and started working with Ray Pantic. Ray and I share the same values and ethics, so when I was offered the opportunity to take over Integrated Energy Storage and with Ray committing to be on board, I went for it knowing could provide customers with far better ethically values than most of the competitors in this industry.

Ray and I are committed to the concept of true customer service, and hence our Company Motto “We Care”. Accordingly, we provide Solar Assessments that identify the right solution for our client’s usage, now and into the future. Our aim is to provide appropriate, affordable, sensible and sustainable solutions, be they domestic or commercial applications.

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