Great payment plans with $0 up-front are also available where the repayment levels are less than the savings the Solar system provides you.

Depending on your electricity usage and system size we see and can demonstrate savings of $2000 per year or more! Better in your pocket than the electricity retailers pocket!
Quality product and installation are the key. There are some awful experiences people have had with low-end solutions, where panels have deteriorated within 5 years or poor installation methods not maximising production results or system failures.
We pride ourselves that we provide no obligation on site discussion and education, demystifying the many myths that you will discover on google searches and there are many! We let you make informed decisions to achieve improving your lifestyle whilst helping the planet.

What we will do:

  • Understand your bill and your usage patterns
  • Usage that’s being avoided (due to high electricity costs, like air-conditioning)
  • Evaluate potential new usage, pool, spa, sauna, granny flat, extending family, air conditioning, workshops, games rooms, property pumps, multiple fridges, electric or gas hot-water or cooking, which is best?
  • We design a solar power station for your home, that will future proof you ready for batteries when they do become viable and you will never need to upgrade your existing roof layout, saving you money. Upgrades are expensive and may result in no further subsidies.
  • We take advantage of fantastic Government Subsidy schemes that are available right now, that can save you up to $8000 off the cost of solar panels! Note, subsides are set to reduce yet again later this year.

Solar Power is the only appliance that you will buy that actually saves you money or lets you run some appliances for free, those family luxuries you want to enjoy around your home without the fear of bill shock.

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The list goes on...

Our pricing is for high quality materials and installation at very competitive prices.

Where most customers get caught out is... choosing a solution based on price alone. I know it sounds like a sales pitch, but its fact, there is no such thing as a free lunch, you know this!... you get what you pay for, like anything. Also, just because two quotes may say 6kW doesn't necessarily mean you are getting 6kW of power on the two different quotes (I know that sounds odd, but it’s possible, I’ve seen it!)

There is no magic wand and if it's cheap, then something had to give way! It could be panel quality, it could be using contractors that were the cheapest for the job who may use low-end products like DC Isolators, Panels connectors, Fusing, Cable, Screws, Racking, and more... Poor quality bill of materials for the installation are often the cause of solar system failure.

Let’s face it poorer production levels or system outages COST SAVINGS! So when your considering price, consider the cost of a poor buying decision.

Customers often don't consider these things, as the technology is confusing and some only see the Kilowatt size, inverter and price. Imagining it’s like buying a fridge or washing machine, it most definitely is not! It's not that simple. Maybe the cheap budget company don't plan to be around long to worry about future issues... In the last 5 years over 400 solar companies have gone belly up and/or became Phoenix companies re-merging as someone else to avoid liabilities (some are these are on TV advertising again!). Many times, we have installed new systems for customers and removed the 'cheap' one they had installed previously.

You don't want to be buying twice!

And you want the best quality and best installation work on your valuable home! Our warranties are transferrable to new owners. This adds value to your home if you plan to sell!

Call us for free advice on the phone or in a no pressure meeting in your home

Authorised Reseller of Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar, an Australian owned solar panel company, proudly make their superior products right here in Australia.

They are currently building a second automated factory facility in Adelaide to meet rising demand.

As Tindo authorised resellers, we can offer you a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.


We provide quality solar products at a reasonable price, with quick turnaround times and project works completed in a timely manner, with installation teams that respect your property.

Solar and Battery Services are the team for you.

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