Performance and lifespan are the two main factors that led us to decide to only supplying monocrystalline products.

Given our long-term company goals and the future service and performance requirements of our customers, combined with the recent failings of many polycrystalline panels in the Australian conditions, Solar and Battery Services Pty Ltd will now only supply Monocrystalline solar modules.

Monocrystalline cells are physically more flexible than polycrystalline cells which are physically rigid. Hence, monocrystalline cells are less susceptible to cracking from movement over time of the structure and temperature changes and deterioration due to the severity of the Australian Sun. Many solar panels have inferior backing sheets that deteriorate like a Garden hose or fitting, left in the Sun. Monocrystalline cells are higher efficiency than polycrystalline and offer better performance in low light, and overcast weather.

We, all solar companies, have access to all overseas brands available from wholesalers in the Australian Market place. We have chosen Vertically Integrated Tier 1 overseas manufacturers that offer high quality at affordable prices and have Australian Offices for future service requirements. For Premium performance solar panels we have chosen The Australian Made Tindo Solar panel that offers 25 year manufactures warranty and far more certainty of contractibility and service over the life of your product.

Authorised Reseller of Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar, an Australian owned solar panel company, proudly make their superior products right here in Australia.

They are currently building a second automated factory facility in Adelaide to meet rising demand.

As Tindo authorised resellers, we can offer you a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.


We provide quality solar products at a reasonable price, with quick turnaround times and project works completed in a timely manner, with installation teams that respect your property.

Solar and Battery Services are the team for you.

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