Battery Storage

Battery Storage – is it affordable? Read this to understand

The thoughts on this has been an on-going discussion in QLD/NSW with solar operators that have integrity, is it worth it, is it not?

There are many factors that control this. Battery pricing, Government subsidies, electricity retailer buy back for excess electricity you produced and exported to them. Right now, with solar electricity export available as high as 20 cents per kWh, it means battery storage of (one) 1kWh size, is only worth the incremental difference to what you would have received if you had exported the power instead of storing it in a Battery!

Let me explain - if your electricity costs 28 cents/kWh and you can export electricity for 20cents, then battery storage is only worth 8 cents/kWh to you.

You don't have to be an Einstein to work out if you bought a 10kWh Battery for $12-15,000 and in fact did use it fully every day (if it did fully charge everyday! – that's a whole other story) Then that's oh... just 41+ years just to get your money back. There is no benefit in that. That's not very encouraging!

You might say I'm doing a great job of NOT selling batteries. True, but at Solar & Battery Service Pty Ltd we believe in truth, integrity and correct solutions for our clients. If you have $10,000+ earmarked for a usable battery storage size - hang on to it, put it in a high interest account, we have a list of customers just like you that have put faith in us to let them know when it is worth it. Then when the time is right and it makes sense we will let you know and then we will be more than happy to take it off your hands! We are here to help you for the long term, we’re not about profiteering on customers lack of knowledge in this complex industry.

Preparing for it is the most important step! You need the biggest solar system that you can fit, and that is permitted on your roof, whilst government panel subsidies still exist so as to future proof your home for batteries. Govt subsidies are reducing every year, so best take advantage now and have only one installation performed on your roof to be ready for the future.

Solar can have a payback in as little as 2.3 years! That's over 40% Return On Investment.

BEWARE! Many of our competitors use these savings from the solar power production to artificially lower the payback period on batteries. Not the integrity of business we signed up for.

There will be a time for Batteries, it’s just not now, unless of course you are in your South Australia where there is healthy govt subsidies on batteries.

Use our calculator too to see what size batteries your system can be sustained by your solar system.

What to watch out for

So… when solar companies that are selling solar solutions and saying batteries are paying themselves off in 7-9 years! Run away! They are either scoundrels just trying to get your money deceptively or through their own poor lack of knowledge. It's the solar system itself that is giving you the majority of that return, not the batteries. If you didn't have batteries you'd be putting money in your holiday fund much sooner than that.

So as you have read we want to deliver the truth to our client base and unless you fall under one of the categories below, we discourage sales of batteries especially if you are thinking it's a good ROI opportunity. What is important is to have the biggest system you can install on your roof, from a company you can trust (that's us), so you will have ample excess power to use for batteries when they are affordable.

Are Batteries Worth It?

Right at this time, (if you skipped through reading the above information), if you asked me... "Ray, are batteries are cost effective?" - In a residential situation considering pay back period. The answer is definitely no, you are currently looking at 40+ years payback, I can assure you the warranty would have been long gone!

Please contact us for more information on how to prepare for batteries for when they do become a cost effective commodity for your home.

So who does need batteries right now?

Home Medical

Consumers that have family members reliant on medical equipment running or sensitive medicines. However it needs to be the right solution, not all 'battery' systems provide a usable 'grid failure' power, you may think you bought the answer and find that you didn't. Talk with our consultants.


Perishable items or targeting peak demand usage or UPS (uninterrupted power supply) requirements for strategic business needs (computer and internet)

Off-Grid Users

Living on locations where the grid is either not available or too expensive by comparison to install.


You have the passion and the funds to help the environment. Go for it! Love you.

Investment Reshuffle

You need to move funds around and need a return – maybe batteries fit in that scenario for you, again it depends on the effectiveness and correct products and sizing. See your consultant.

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